General Dentistry

We are a family practice that believe in prevention rather than intervention.

In a general examination of any patient we look for:

  • decay
  • gum disease
  • soft tissue diseases or pathology
  • previous fillings that are broken down
  • as well as any pain

If any of these problems exist we can develop a treatment plan which is aimed at correcting these immediate problems.

What Causes Gum Disease?

What causes gum disease?

When it comes to problems in dentistry that we need to get under control, this is the big one! More teeth are lost each day from gum disease than any other dental problem. What causes gum disease? Plaque Plaque (the…

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Microscope based treatment which allows more precision due to great vision and light with less intrusion

What Is Microdentistry?

What is microdentistry?

The benefits of using Microscope Enhanced Dentistry These days it is considered essential to perform clinical dentistry under magnification and it is even compulsory in some university settings for students to use some sort of magnification. The benefits of magnification…

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Adhesive Dentistry

Which allows very conservative solutions to dental problems

Endodontics — Root fillings

A root filling procedure removes all the infected material in the root canal and then plugs the canal so no more bacteria can colonise there.

Should I Get A Root Filling?

Should I get a root filling?

Treatment available when the nerve in the centre of the tooth dies The two treatments that can be instituted if the nerve in the centre of the tooth dies are: Root fillings Tooth extraction What causes a tooth’s nerve centre…

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Tooth Whitening

Probably one of the most common services in dentistry these days is tooth whitening – for obvious reasons!

4 Ways You Can Whiten Your Teeth

4 ways you can whiten your teeth

Probably one of the most common services in dentistry these days is tooth whitening-for obvious reasons! Four ways you can whiten your teeth Simply, I categorise the ways you can go about whitening your teeth into 4 categories: The “Cheapies”…

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